Welcome to de Pony Sum: We’ve now moved to Substack and changed name to Philosophy Bear

EDIT: We’ve now moved to Substack. You can find our free Substack here: https://philosophybear.substack.com/

Thanks for visiting my blog. About the top third of what I write goes into the “Above average quality” category, so that’s a good place to start browsing.

I have a book form PDF of my best essays titled “Something to read in quarantine: Essays 2018-2020”. It’s free and you can grab it here. 

If you enjoy this blog, please share it around. It’s damn hard to get readers, and spruiking your own stuff always feels so egocentric.

The best way to stay in touch is by joining our email list: https://forms.gle/TaQA3BN5w3rgpyqeA

We have a subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/dePonySum/

And we have a Twitter account: @sumdepony . Be warned, I tend to shit post a fair bit.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to de Pony Sum: We’ve now moved to Substack and changed name to Philosophy Bear

  1. I just discovered your blog (via SSC). I just wanted to thank you for giving us so much interesting content to read! Also, as a leftist, I am doubly happy to have found your blog, because I am getting frustrated with many leftist outlets who don’t seem to want to engage in rational discussions anymore… Maybe I am too harsh, given whats happening on “the other side”, but I like “my people” to try to do better…


    1. Thankyou! And can I say it’s always lovely to get feedback on here. The stats tell me we get a fair few readers, but without comments it can feel like shouting into the void.


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