The Greens are suddenly much stronger in Western Europe

Across Western Europe, in many (though not all) countries, a bunch of Greens parties occupying the space between “left” and “centre-left” have suddenly become much larger. I thought readers might be interested in this phenomena so I’ve gathered the evidence here. I make no value judgements about this- maybe it’s just neoliberalism with a new face, or maybe it’s a signal that a genuinely new phase of capitalism is coming- still, it is interesting. Also, I only speak English and am mostly following this from Wikipedia polls, so readers who are actually knowledgeable about European politics, please be gentle.


The Greens just won 12.4% of the vote, up from 3.8% last time.


The ECOLO party and the Groen party both made large gains. In addition the far-left worker’s party also made gains.


Yannick Jadot of the Europe Écologie Les Verts has emerged from nowhere to third place in French presidential polling.


The most dramatic example. Over the last few years, the German Greens have been rapidly gaining position. Then, starting mid 2019, their popularity exploded. At present they are the highest polling party in Germany on some polls (although the centre right Union parties beat them out in most).


This one is not so sudden- but the Greens did come second in the 2017 election, and are currently fighting for second with the social democratic party, the pirate party and the centre party.


The Greens have gone from 2.7% to the last election, to polling at about 7% now.


A few days ago the Más País party was formed in Spain. Although the party’s 6% polling is not enough to make up for the precipitous decline in the polling of the centre left PSOE, it is remarkable, and will make things substantially harder for the right.


There’s a few other places I could mention, but I do not feel the growth is precipitous enough that it would be anything but cherry-picking.

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