Thou shameless blood-coat hypocrite: An address to a blue check Biden supporter

He who shall hurt the little wren

Shall never be beloved by men.

-Auguries of Innocence

So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit thee out of my mouth.

-Revelation 3:16

I want to address the people who claimed to oppose Bernie for sundry woke excuses, but now support Biden.

Fuck you.

You who complained that Bernie was an old white man now support a 77 year old segregationist sympathiser.

You who said Bernie yells too much now support a man who abuses the public and reporters alike who called an autoworker “full of shit”. (And why why why why why is that?)(1)

You who argued that Bernie was too sickly now support an increasingly erratic man.

You who accused us of running a cult of personality now support a man without a single policy you can name.

You who decried Bernie supporters for being uncivil now mock those pleading for insulin.

You who whined about Jane Sanders stealing a college or whatever now support someone whose son received a sinecure on a Ukraine board.

You who got Ben Mora fired for being savage AF online now support a man who got Clarence Thomas hired.

You who called Sanders a grifter have picked a guy who had to suspend at least two presidential campaigns for dishonesty.

I would hate you less if you would only admit that you’re doing this because you’re a centrist.

I don’t have anything to hold over your head but your own shrivelled conscience but if you think we’re going to stop fighting because we’ve lost, you don’t know us. We’re leftists, losing is our favoured terrain. Insert gamer copypasta here if you like. If you were hoping that the Twitter hordes you disdain, but secretly want to love you, would turn gentle, lol.

Even though winning may now be impossible, we can still use the Bernie campaign as a platform to win the public over to our cause, and we will. We can build your future defeat in the shell of your hollow victory.

Democrats tend to trust the mainstream media. We’re going to spend the next four years eating up the foundations of that trust like the termites you so very much deserve to have infest your house.

Much as I’d like to leave it at “go fuck yourselves”, it’s never too late to join the right (left) side of history. End your complicity in endless war, mass incarceration and the deaths of children and other innocents at home and abroad.

(1)– No, this blog which you can just stop reading is not morally equivalent to a presidential candidate shouting abuse at ordinary people on TV.

One thought on “Thou shameless blood-coat hypocrite: An address to a blue check Biden supporter

  1. Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu – chapter 38

    A truly good man is not aware of his goodness,
    And is therefore good.
    A foolish man tries to be good,
    And is therefore not good.

    A truly good man does nothing,
    Yet nothing is left undone.
    A foolish man is always doing,
    Yet much remains to be done

    When a truly kind man does something, he leaves nothing undone.
    When a just man does something, he leaves a great deal to be done.
    When a disciplinarian does something and no one responds,
    He rolls up his sleeves in an attempt to enforce order

    Therefore when Tao is lost, there is goodness.
    When goodness is lost, there is kindness.
    When kindness is lost, there is justice.
    When justice is lost, there is ritual.
    Now ritual is the husk of faith and loyalty, the beginning of confusion.
    Knowledge of the future is only a flowery trapping of the Tao.
    It is the beginning of folly.

    Therefore the truly great man dwells on what is real
    and not what is on the surface,
    On the fruit and not the flower,
    Therefore accept the one and reject the other.

    Fuck centrists


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