Live More Lives Than One

I’ve put out a new book in beta form- and it’s free. Topics covered include death, mercy, knowledge, power, rhetoric, OCD, philosophy of language, the nature of belief, and questions that wake you up at 3 AM. It’s a collection of what I think are my best essays. Click here to read it.

If you’re on the fence about checking it out, remember:

A) It’s free

B) It’s by an eccentric dude on the internet, so even if it turns out to be bad, it will probably at least be interesting.

If you enjoy the book, you may also like my new Substack:

The only payment I’m insisting on is that if you enjoy it, you share it.

However, if you have the money and got something out of it you might also consider contributing to advertising costs. I am, as an experiment, spending some money on advertising it on AdWords, etc. If you want to help out, here’s the PayPal link.

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