Recently there’s been considerable debate about the behaviour of so-called Bernie bros in the Democratic primary, and I thought it was important to weigh in on this important

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issue. Now it may not be “glamorous”- who wants to talk about talking? But as Buttigieg said, the shape of our democracy is the issue that affects all other issues. Civility must Image result for Projected deaths due to global warmingcome to the centre of our political discussions. We simply can’t afford to neglect this issue just because it sounds like “inside baseball”. Discourse matters if we are to come together

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As a nation and find mutually beneficial solutions to our common problems. We all live here together and, like it or not, that means we all have to be accountable for the way

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that we speak to each other. The way that we inhabit the spaces of mutual concern. Process, not just outcome matters, and discourse in which we passionately debate

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The issues, but not our fundamental intentions- recognising that as Americans we are all bound together through a common and irrevocable bond. It can be hard to remember

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In the heat of a debate that we are engaged in something inherently important- even miraculous- the democratic process where the voice of the Walmart worker and the

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Voice of the Walmart owner both carry equal weight- an accomplishment our ancestors would have considered impossible. But belief in America means belief in the importance

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Of our norms of discourse, which make this all possible.

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